Packages and Pricing

A Simple Will/Durable Power of Attorney – $600

A popular option because its fast, easy and inexpensive. A Will distributes your estate according to your wishes after your passing, through a filing of a Probate. A Will also appoints a personal representative to handle your estate, reducing the likelihood of a dispute. Additionally, a Will can also appoint a Guardian for your minor children, if needed. This package includes the most important pillars of a basic estate plan:

  • A Simple Will
  • A Durable Power of Attorney (Healthcare and Financial)
  • Health Care Directive.

Revocable Living Trust – $1500

A Revocable Living Trust allows your beneficiaries to receive your estate without the need of filing probate. This is appealing to many because it avoided the hassle and expense of filing a Petition for Probate and going to court. A Revocable Living Trust also keeps your estate private and out of public record, unlike a Will and probate. Additionally, the ease and speed of administering a Revocable Living Trust instead of a probate proceeding is unmatched. This package includes:

  • A Revocable Living Trust
  • Certification of Trust
  • A Pour Over Will
  • A Durable Power of Attorney (Healthcare and Financial)
  • Asset Transfer Documents
  • Health Care Directive
  • General Assignment of Interest

Without the need to file a Probate, a trust handles your estate privately and without court interference.

Irrevocable Living Trust – Price Varies, Lets talk

An Irrevocable Trust is a trust created by the Grantor (person funding the Trust – also known as a Trustor) making it impossible to “revoke” the trust and bring the assets back into his name. This permanent status differs from a Revocable Trust, designed specifically for being withdrawn at any time. Once the Grantor gives an asset to the Irrevocable Trust, the asset belongs to the trust. At its most basic level, Asset Protection and Estate Planning with an Irrevocable Trust stems from this fact: if properly drafted a person can give assets to an Irrevocable Trust and his future creditors cannot take that asset. The Grantor no longer owns the asset; the Trust owns the asset. An Irrevocable Trust is used for the most advanced estate planning.

Burial Trust – $350

A Funeral Trust or Burial Trust or is an arrangement entered into with a provider of funeral or burial services. Prepaying funeral expenses may allow you to “lock in” costs for future funeral or burial services at an agreed-upon price.

Small Estate Affidavit – $350

If the value of the decedent’s (person who passed away) entire estate subject to probate, not including the surviving spouse’s community property interest in any assets which are subject to probate in the decedent’s estate, wherever located, less liens and encumbrances, does not exceed $100,000 a Small Estate Affidavit may be available as a quick and straightforward way to claim their estate – typically a bank account. A Small Estate Affidavit is not available if the decedent has any real property or an estate that exceeds $100,000.

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) – $350

A Power of Attorney is one of the crucial Estate Planning documents and helps make sure you have a reliable team ready to step in if you are ever unable to care for yourself.

Health Care Directive – $350

A Healthcare Directive, also known as a Washington Advance Directive, is a document which is drafted while you’re well that protects your right to refuse medical treatment you do not want, or to request treatment you do want in the event you lose the ability to make decisions yourself. A Healthcare Directive also directs end-of-life decisions when you cannot give directions yourself.

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