Packages and Pricing

A Simple Will/Power of Attorney – $600

A popular option because its fast, easy and inexpensive. A Will distributes your estate according to your wishes, after your passing, through a filing of a probate. A will also appoints a personal representative to handle your estate reducing the likelihood of a dispute. Additionally, a Will can also appoint a Guardian for your minor children. This package includes a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive.

Living Trust – $1500

A Living Trust allows your beneficiaries to receive your estate without the need of filing probate, avoiding the hassle and expense of probate and going to court. This package includes a Revocable Living Trust, Certification of Trust, a Pour Over Will, a Power of Attorney, Asset Transfer Documents and a Health Care Directive.

Without the need to file a probate, a trust handles your estate privately and without court interference.

Burial Trust – $350

Small Estate Affidavit – $350

Power of Attorney – $350

Health Care Directive – $350

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