Estate Planning in Vancouver

We will provide you with a well-crafted estate plan that protects loved ones, saves money and avoids costly litigation.

The Benefits of having an Estate Plan:

  • Determine who gains your special property, and the remainder of your estate.
  • You name the person(s) you wish to control your finances, if needed.
  • Avoid the expensive and time consuming process of Probate.
  • You get to describe your preferred medical care and final arrangements.
  • You can be in control of who makes medical decisions on your behalf.

Our Estate Planning Process is Efficient and Easy:

  • Call and Set up a Phone Call Meeting or In-Person Meeting: Call Vancouver Wills and Trusts and we can set up a time to either meet or speak on the phone. I know you are busy, so I will always try to offer the consultation on the phone if possible. Of course, you are always free to have in in-person consultation.
  • Preparation: In an effort to make the best use of our time, we will email you our estate planning questionnaire before our consultation. Don’t worry; most people don’t get much past filling in their names, and that’s fine! However, the more information you give me, the more efficient I can make our time together.
  • Our Initial Call or Meeting: During the call or meeting, we will talk about your unique situation and what type of estate planning fits your needs. In many cases, we arrive at a decision on a project, and I send you a summary and an exact fee quote. If you agree, you instruct me to move forward, and I start drafting. Easy! I will email or make available the estate plan for you to review. Once everything is approved, we set at time to meet and sign the estate planning documents. Whatever and whenever is most convenient for you.

What We Will Talk About

You will have your own, specific concerns which we will address, but typically we will talk about an estate plan that addresses the following issues:

Lets talk and see what needs are best for your unique situation!

Our Estate Planning in Vancouver Practices 

Power of Attorney

Last Will and Testament

Funeral Directives

IRA Trusts

Revocable Living Trusts

Irrevocable Living Trusts

Special Needs Trusts

Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney

Estate Planning for LGBT Couples

Guardianships and Guardianship of A Minor

Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Experienced, With Reasonable Prices, We Make Estate Planning Easier

If you have any questions about Estate Planning in Vancouver, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. At Vancouver Wills and Trusts we focus on estate law. With years of experience we will explain complex estate planning techniques clearly and concisely. We make it easy for you to understand estate planning so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.