Advising and Representing Trustees

Serving as a Trustee is a serious job, which is why even professional trustees hire a Trust Attorney. Our Trust Lawyer will advise and protect you as a Trustee. Because we focus only on Trust and Estate matters clients seek out our services throughout Clark County and surrounding areas. Wherever you are located, hiring a real Trust Lawyer makes the trust administration process easier for you and can save you money.

What Your Trust Lawyer Will Do For You:

We have an experienced Estate and Trust Administration Lawyer ready to help you with any task, but Trustees will most often have us help with the following:

  • Meeting Statutory Notification Obligations.
  • Accepting Service From Creditors and Beneficiary’s Attorneys.
  • Assembling, Filing and Defending Annual Accountings.
  • Collecting and Managing Assets.
  • Filing Tax Returns.
  • Selling Real Estate and Businesses.
  • Settling Creditor Claims.
  • Working With Problem Beneficiaries.
  • Obtaining the Trustee’s Release of Liability Documentation.

Trustees are Personally Liable. Let us Protect!

If you are going to serve as Trustee, then you have taken on a level of personal liability. You are a fiduciary with a duty to the Beneficiary. You can be made to correct any mistake by using your money. Further, any beneficiary has the right to bring you before a judge to explain every action and every expense. This threat of personal liability is why you have the legal right to retain a Estate and Trust Lawyer to represent you. The trust pays the bill, but the trust reaps the benefit of efficiency and reduced chance of litigation.

You Are Not Expected to Know All The Answers, But you Pay for any Mistake

You are not expected to know how to manage every issue that arises. But you are liable if you act upon something you don’t understand when you simply had to hire a professional to assist you. If you fail to retain help and venture out on your own, then you are responsible for your mistakes. Should your error reduce the estate or trust, you are expected to use your funds to repair the damage. If you fail to rectify your error voluntarily, a Beneficiary can force you to explain yourself to a judge. The judge then can find you personally liable. If you are not an expert Trustee, why risk a mistake? The system allows you to use the estate or trust funds to hire an experienced Trust Attorney. Protect yourself!

Professional Trustees Hire A Trust Lawyer

Banks and Trust Companies serve as professional Trustees. They regularly hire either in-house lawyers or retain Trust Lawyers or Trust Attorneys such as our firm. If professionals refuse to provide services without a Trust Lawyer, why would a non-professional expose themselves to liability and go it alone?

We Can Help!

If you are currently serving as a trustee, or if you are considering taking on that fiduciary responsibility, contact our experienced Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney to advise and represent you.

Experienced, With Reasonable Prices, We Will Fight For You

We will make being a Trustee easier for you. We will provide top notch representation and help you understand complex matters so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Contact us for a free consultation!