5 Smart Tips for Hiring an Elder Law Attorney in Washington

5 Smart Tips for Hiring an Elder Law Attorney in Washington

There comes a time in every older adult’s life when they need to set up their estates, but they often don’t know who to turn to for guidance. When hiring an elder law attorney in Washington, the representative attorney needs to help prepare and discuss your older adult’s legal rights when receiving care. To avoid mismanagement and ensure all documents are accurately prepared, here are five smart tips for hiring an elder law attorney in Washington.

Meet for a Consultation

Each attorney offers different specialties, especially in regard to elder law. As you prepare, it’s essential to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the prospective lawyer. Ahead of the appointment, inquire about potential consultation fees, as the first 15 to 30 minutes are often free.

As you meet with each attorney, make a prospective list of lawyers to work with on your case. Then, approach each counsel you meet with the same situation and compare their advice to help you narrow down the right lawyer.

Verify the Attorney’s Experience

Many attorneys spend years practicing their craft to deliver outstanding service to their clientele’s situations. When approaching different attorneys, ask about their experiences with positions like yours. Their response and opinion can help narrow down the proper law attorney to hire for your case.

Analyze Their Customer Service

Unfortunately, you’re bound to encounter one attorney doesn’t treat their clients well, as is the case in any area of law. However, the biggest deal-breaker for many is whether the lawyer is trustworthy and patient with those who don’t understand specific processes.

Here’s what to look for when evaluating different attorneys.

  • Does the attorney respond promptly to phone calls and emails?
  • Are they patient and caring when a client asks for clarification on something discussed in a previous or current meeting?
  • Does the attorney follow through with everything they say and do?

These questions help narrow down the trustworthy and motivated lawyers that are looking to help you out during your time of need.

Take Detailed Notes

As you finalize your list, ensure that you have notes from every meeting. Jotting notes helps you organize everything discussed before and after your session, including costs, types of services, and how many years of experience an attorney has.

Validate Credentials

As you build your list, do your research on each firm to verify and confirm the years of experience and other required credentials. Then, you can prove they’re licensed to practice in your state by visiting the State Bar Association website.

After attending your meetings and reading our five smart tips for hiring an elder law attorney in Washington, compile your notes and decide.

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